Wholesale Documents (Guest Access)

We sell documents on a wholesale basis to lawyers, accountants, financial planners and other professionals. The wholesale price reflects the efficiency that we are able to deliver them to you. The retail price is an indication only. The price mark-up reflects your knowledge in selecting and structuring the document, service to the client and your goodwill.

Our documents are highly customisable, while offering streamlined production for simple cases. We seek to build in features to documents to enable you to deliver additional services and options to your clients.

Documents can be delivered with Cartland Law branding, White Label, or your branding (except for company documents).

All prices listed are for electronic copies only. Printing binding and delivery incurs an additional $55 fee This list is constantly being updated as we automate new documents.

“We are currently in BETA mode. All documents (except Company documents) will be manually reviewed by a solicitor to ensure they meet your instructions. We apologise for any delay. Documents should arrive on the same day”

Discretionary (Family) Trust
Unit Trust
Bare Trust
Change of Trustee
Update of Trust Deed (No CGT/Stamp Duty)
Update of SMSF Deed
Bare Trust
(Limited Recourse Borrowing)
Company Incorporation
(Incl ASIC fee)
Company Starter Bundle
(ACN, ABN, TFN, GST, PAYG & .au Domain Name)
Partnership Agreement
Other/Form not online