Seeking practitioner dedicated to tax to join a vibrant and technical team. 

Cartland Law, a boutique tax law firm seeks a solicitor to join its growing team.  Law or large firm accounting background is fine.  Commitment to technical excellence essential. 

If you’re reading this, and you’re a tax practitioner in Adelaide, or interested in moving to Adelaide, you probably know who we are.  And we probably know who you are.  We probably have dozens of mutual connections.  Maybe we’ve been drinking together at tax conferences? But you’re not sure if we are hiring. You have been waiting for a sign. This is the sign you were waiting for.

You will have sufficient working skills to be able to be a contributing member of a team.  You’ll be looking to your future and considering that you’re not moving fast enough at your current firm, or that you want to join a creative tax team, with deep knowledge pools, that wants to focus on making you the best lawyer that you can be.

You would have read our articles on career advancement and you would understand that there are many innovative paths open to you at Cartland Law.

You will want to join a friendly and somewhat quirky team who challenge each other and others technically.

If we’re already connected reach out and we’ll catch up for a confidential discussion.  If we’re not connected call me on 0403 873 498.

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