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J Kelly Brito

Mandatory CPD Courses

You can do your Mandatory CPD courses online.  Your progress through the webinars is tracked and a certificate issued upon completion.

“STEP continues its tradition of presenting an outstanding quality of relevant and on point presentations with high calibre speakers.  I hope that you will enjoy this online offering.”

Richard Ross-Smith, STEP SA Chair


Junior Ferreira

How much does the Mandatory CPD bundle cost?

$150.00 including GST

Does this meet the MCPD requirements in South Australia?

There are CPD for each of the 4 mandatory South Australian units:

  • Practical Legal Ethics
  • Practice Management and Business Skills
  • Professional Skills
  • Bullying, Discrimination and Harassment

When is the CPD?

These courses are 100% online available around the clock and should be accessible on any device.  All you have to do is login, choose the course that you want to study and watch it at your convenience.  You can pause the CPD at any time and later resume where you left off.

What happens when I finish the CPD?

Our Learning Management System monitors when you have completed the CPD and will send you a certificate of completion.

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