Cartland Law’s Ailira (Artificially Intelligent Legal Information Research Assistant) has won a grant from the D3 Digital Challenge “Keeping Women Safe”, a South Australian program designed to find solutions from the digital world to support women who are experiencing or at risk of experiencing violence.

Ailira uses a process of scaled machine learning to gather and analyse facts about a woman’s situation, quickly returning information that can be crucial to legal process and safety. Ailira can be taught to empower women, their personal support networks and service providers with up-to-date, relevant answers about domestic violence law and related laws.

In the last 12 months, just under half a million Australian women reported they had experienced physical or sexual violence, as recorded by the Department of Families, Housing and Community Affairs. Ailira can provide legal information that is consistent, affordable and accessible to both para-professionals and to the public, helping to free up the already stretched resources of family support services.

The initial fact gathering period is crucial to outcomes but it is also time consuming and can be emotionally draining. Advice across agencies may be inconsistent, whereas Ailira will present consistent information and analysis, and connect SAPOL, frontline services, legal services and other agencies.

Ailira can be taught to provide information on:

  • Whether a criminal offence is likely, and connect directly to SAPOL
  • What actions are available to protect from emotional, financial and psychological abuse, including seeking an Intervention Order
  • Sexual assault, migration law, Federal laws, family law, and interstate laws.

Ailira, as a robot, treats everyone with perfect equality. You chat with Ailira as you would a friend, using instant messaging. She understands real language in context.

As an example, Ailira can tell the difference between “I feel guilty” and “He pleaded guilty”, the first legal AI in the world with this level of human-like comprehension.

Cartland Law is working in collaboration with Debra Spizzo, a Domestic Violence lawyer from Victim Support Services, who is providing information on South Australia’s Domestic Violence laws, and Sarah Hill, a counsellor from the Domestic Violence and Aboriginal Family Violence Gateway Service who is assisting in teaching Ailira to converse empathetically with women.

UPDATE: Ailira’s Domestic Violence function is now LIVE for Beta testing (click here).