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Cartland Law

Cartland Law specialises in tax law and in the commercial law that relates to tax and businesses. We fix tax problems and resolve tax disputes. We provide advice and documents to lawyers, accountants, advisors and businesses.

We prepare high-level tax and commercial documentation for complex structures and transactions as well as dealing with revenue authorities and other parties about those structures and transactions.

We adapt the latest technology in the provision of legal services. This means that we are able to provide commercial services with high efficiency and low cost.

NEWLand Tax Guide 2020 and Land Tax Calculator.


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 Our People

Adrian Cartland

Adrian is the Principal of Cartland Law specialising in Tax, Technology and Commercial Advice.

Adrian Cartland, the 2017 Young Lawyer of the Year, has worked as a tax lawyer in top tier law firms as well as boutique tax practices. He has helped people overcome harsh tax laws, advised on and designed tax efficient transactions and structures, and has successfully resolved a number of difficult tax disputes against the ATO and against State Revenue departments. Adrian is known for his innovative advice and ideas and also for his entertaining and insightful professional speeches.

Adrian’s key areas of practice include:

  • Tax litigation and objections;
  • Tax-efficient bespoke documents;
  • Advising and designing tax-efficient transactions and structures; and
  • Tax disputes against the ATO and State Revenue departments.

Adrian is the Creator of Ailira, the Artificially Intelligent Legal Information Research Assistant, which automates legal research and advice. Ailira has enabled non-professionals to pass University Tax Law exams and is currently used by hundreds of Australian tax lawyers and accountants for tax research and to unlock internal intellectual property.

Adrian is a member of various committees in The Tax Institute, a member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners, is a Director of the Borsa Russo Hedge Fund, a Director of North Australian Funds Management, a REIT, and is a trustee of Tag for Life, an Environmental Organisation that assists with research on sharks.


Joseph is an Associate Solicitor at Cartland Law specialising in Tax Law. Joseph’s key areas of practice include:

  • Goods and Services Tax;
  • Division 7A;
  • Business Restructuring;
  • Small Business Entity Concessions;
  • Trusts.

Joseph is also a Chartered Accountant with over six years’ experience in public accounting, assisting clients with both business and personal tax matters.


Alex is a Solicitor (preadmission) at Cartland Law specialising in Tax and Commercial Law.

Alex’s key areas of practice include:

  • Business and corporate group restructuring;
  • Division 7A;
  • Land Tax;
  • Tax efficient transactions and structures; and
  • Trusts.

Alex is involved with the Society of Trusts and Estate Practitioners Emerging TEP Professional committee and founder of the Adelaide University STEP affiliated club.

Alex is also involved with the University of Adelaide Law Student Society mentoring program, where she mentors a first year law student.

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