Adrian Cartland

Principal Solicitor

Adrian’s Specialties

Adrian’s key areas of practice include:

  • Tax litigation and objections;
  • Tax-efficient bespoke documents;
  • Advising and designing tax-efficient transactions and structures; and
  • Tax disputes against the ATO and State Revenue departments.

About Adrian Cartland

Adrian Cartland, the 2017 Young Lawyer of the Year, has worked as a tax lawyer in top tier law firms as well as boutique tax practices. He has helped people overcome harsh tax laws, advised on and designed tax efficient transactions and structures, and has successfully resolved a number of difficult tax disputes against the ATO and against State Revenue departments. Adrian is known for his innovative advice and ideas and also for his entertaining and insightful professional speeches.

Adrian Cartland’s Posts

ATO Decentralised Finance And Wrapping Crypto

On 9th November 2023 the ATO has released web guidance in relation to decentralised finance and wrapping crypto transactions. I presented the below example over a year ago at seminars for The Tax Institute, private clients, and in submissions to Treasury. The ATO has...

ChatGPT For Lawyers

This article was posted to ChatGPT For Lawyers “The first thing we do, lets [replace] all the lawyers”Another day, another prediction that Artificial...

Why I Hate Your Sub-Trust

There is a certain type of sub-trust over income that many trust deeds purport to create, and which the Fenderal Commissioner purports to allow. This is where a trust is established over the income distributed from another trust. This is problematic for the reasons...

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